The Rights of Mother Earth

The Charter on Rights of Nature declared by the United Nations:

  1. Mankind is a part of nature and life depends on the uninterrupted functioning of natural systems which ensure the supply of energy and nutrients.
  2. Civilization is rooted in nature, which has shaped human culture and influenced all artistic and scientific achievement and living in harmony with nature gives man the best opportunities or the development of his creativity, and for rest and recreation.
  3. Every form of life is unique, warranting respect regardless of its worth to man, and, to accord other organisms such recognition, man must be guided by a moral code of action.
  4. Man can alter nature and exhaust natural resources by his action or its consequences and, therefore, must fully recognize the urgency of maintaining the stability and quality of nature and of conserving natural resources.
  5. Lasting benefits from nature depend upon the maintenance of essential ecological processes and life support systems, and upon the diversity of life forms, which are jeopardized through excessive exploitation and habitat destruction by man.
  6. The degradation of natural systems owing to excessive consumption and misuse of natural resources, as well as to failure to establish an appropriate economic order among peoples and among States, leads to the breakdown of the economic social and political framework of civilization.
  7. Nature shall be respected and its essential processes shall not be impaired.
  8. The genetic viability on the earth shall not be compromised, the population levels of all life forms, wild and domesticated, must be at least sufficient for their survival and to this end necessary habitants shall be safeguarded.
  9. All areas of the earth, both land and sea, shall be subject to these principles of conservation; special protection shall be subject to given to unique areas, to representative samples of all the different types of ecosystems and to the habitats of rare or endangered species.
  10. Ecosystems and organisms, as well as the land, marine and atmosphere resources that are utilized by man, shall be managed to achieve and maintain optimum sustainable productivity, but not in such a way as to endanger the integrity of those other ecosystem sor species with which they coexist.
  11. Nature shall be secured against degradation caused by warfare or other hostile activities.

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