Our Inspiration - Traditional Codes on Environmental Ethics


O purifying Earth, I you invoke!
O patient Earth, by Sacred Word enhanced,
bearer of nourishment and strength, of food and ghee—
O Earth, we would approach you with due praise!

Whatever I dig up of you, O Earth,
may you of that have quick replenishment!
O purifying one, may my thrust never
reach right unto your vital points, your heart!
Atharva Veda 12.1.28, 29, 35.


The felling of sacred trees should be avoided, even a leaf of a sacred tree must not to be destroyed, for these serve as abode of Gods…

Mahabharata 12.69.41

Trees and plants are animated with consciousness. They experience life, sleep, awakening, disease, healing and emotion like any known bio-system.
Kiranavali pp. 39-40

He who injures innoxious beings from a wish to give himself pleasure, never finds happiness, whether living nor dead
Manusmriti 5.45

The destruction of forests is most dangerous for the nation and human beings. Vanaspati has direct relation with the well being of society. Due to the pollution of the natural environment and the destruction of the forest, many diseases crop up to ruin the nation.

Charaka Samhita, Vimansthan, 3.2.


From pollution two types of diseases occur in human beings. The first which is related with body and other with the mind, and both are interrelated. One follows the other and none exists without another. Sometimes physical disease creates the mental and vice versa. Cool, warm and air—these are three virtues of the body. They are called kapha and vata, pitta. When they are balanced in body it is free from disease.
Mahabharata, Rajadharamanushsan 16.8.4

The polluted air is mixed with bad elements. The air which is against the virtues of season, with full of moisture, speedy, hard icy cool, hot dry, harmful terribly roaring, colliding from two or three sides, badsmelling oily, full of dirt, smoke, sand and steam creates diseases in body and is polluted
Charaka Samhita, Vimanasthana 3.6.1

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