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Green Literacy, Promotion of Green Consciousness

Under the Green Literacy Programme we conduct workshops and training programmes for teachers, educators, students rural folk and people interested in environmental education. The programme aims to familiarize them with current environmental issues such as water conservation, rain water harvesting, waste reuse, pesticide use etc.

To generate interest in conservation of nature, among children, young adults, rural-folk and voluntary workers, we hold workshops on Environmental Education, through craft activities, nature-walks, plantation of tree campaigns and context environmental education, about bio-diversity, eliminate change, sanitation, re-cycling of waste product, aforestation, ethno-medicine, indigenous manufacturing of foods and spreading awareness through cultural media. We believe that the natural environment can be engineered for spreading Green consciousness.

We propose to start a green literacy program to introduce the basic principles of ecological sustainability to teachers and young adults. The curriculum builds on the foundational understanding of the elements, their uses and abuses on the following areas:

  Water resource management: Generates awareness about water consumption, water-recycling and natural forms of rain water harvesting.
Air: Quality of air, fuel pollutants, indoor-air quality, health hazards of air pollution
Biodiversity & Ecosystems: Concerned with degree of variation of life forms and eco-systems, and their interrelationships.
Energy: Consumption of energy; renewable energy sources and its contribution to climate change, and energy saving.
Waste-Management: Types of solid waste, segregation pratices, collection, disposal and recycled use.
Eco-Heritage and Culture: Introduces traditional knowledge systems of ecological sustainability in the context of culture or creating wealth from waste.

The site will mark out spaces where the above segments can be demonstrated.

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